⚠️ WARNING: VIDEO FEATURES NSFW CONTENT. ⚠️ https://youtu.be/T6tVCqAV3Ck In this juicy investigation, Aussie musician / comedian Fin Taylor breaks down the musical genius behind John Sakars' YouTube classics like “My Crotch Is Open For Business (If You’re Vegan)” and interviews the legend himself! Featuring a NEW MUSICAL COLLABORATION between Fin’s Contingency Plan and John Sakars! ADD LINK [...]

Entreprenuer Greyden Scott reveals the secrets behind one of the most exciting startups in Australia: PIZZA ROULETTE - a browser game where players have a one-in-15-chance to win a pizza of their choice for $2. Founded by uni students, it has amassed a massive following across Australia with its unique sense of humour and clever [...]

In the latest episode of SLOP, the stars of 4ZZZ's hit radio show "The Memeing of Life" reveal their faces, the history of the station, and what it's like to work in community radio. As their show dissects memes and music, we put Alice, Jack and James' pop culture knowledge to the test in a [...]

Our 2022 festival has been announced! Find out more here: Event Page | Submissions Page It's been a tough year for the film industry... so the aim for The Slop Shack's second film festival was to encourage a return to the theatrical experience and highlight the work of emerging South-East Queensland filmmakers. LIGHT UP, The Slop [...]