Movies Are The Future

Episode #1-12 available now (see the playlist above). Find out more here.

Produced by The Slop Shack, “Movies Are The Future” is an hour-long podcast that celebrates film as the civilisation defining medium that it is. Movies teach us to be better people, show us the potential of the human race, and inspire us to dream for a better tomorrow. It continues to have a profound impact on humanity, shaping lives and opinion, and it deserves attention.

Thus, the creators of Movies of the Future have teamed up with The Slop Shack to give film its due in a show that provides a monthly round-up of news, discussions about the industry, under-the-radar recommendations, and a history of the craft.

This isn’t just another blockbuster appreciation podcast…. It’s a celebration of all film, big and small; a podcast that contains what every good movie should create: Discussion, passion, and opinion.

Featuring Declan Wilson, Dragon Saman and Harry Sweby.

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