Fin Taylor

Following his Pineapple-flavoured appearance on The SLOP Podcast, mastermind Fin Taylor has become a consistent collaborator with the Shack.

With a new show, music videos, and comedy content featuring Fin dominating our content, it’s time to get familiar with this multi-talented maestro.

Check out his episode of The Slop Podcast to lean more:


Fin Taylor is a young composer, multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and armchair philosopher. Growing up in Brisbane, Fin’s musical career began at age 13 gigging around Brisbane in a pop-rock band (Dave Is A Spy) and he quickly proceeded to make a name for himself playing in all manner of weird ensembles and bands across the city. In 2017 he took on the role of orchestrator and instrumentalist for Shane Fell’s horror-blues ensemble Shakes Fear and the Skeleton Gang, and in 2018 he made his theatre debut as composer for Christopher Thompson’s stage adaptation of Michael Gerard Bauer’s ‘Don’t Call Me Ishmael’. He currently tutors part time at Forte School Of Music in Coorparoo whilst gigging and recording for his new solo project Fin’s Contingency Plan.

Fin has also worked with/on:
Ocean Leaves
The Dangerous Folk
Red Le Clerc
Aiden Bradley
Your Man Alex Smith
The Fin & Kelton Show
Genesis, a short play by Will Heinz

Enter Fin’s weird and wonderful world at the links below: