The Slop Shack has spent years talking to creators of all kinds. And the biggest thing we’ve learnt is this:

We are stronger together. 

In 2019, The Slop Shack began facilitating the grounds for aspiring creators to execute on their creative ambitions and participate in a like-minded community setting. With this initiative, The Slop Shack will become the home for the imagination generation. 

The content that The Slop Shack publishes isn’t just created by us. Anyone that has a project that they would like to share to a wider audience, get advice on, have reviewed or just have help finding resources can send it in. If we believe that the product is unique, creative and likely to be successful with our audience, then we will do whatever we can to help that person/s product become commercially viable.

This initiative is a direct attempt at uniting the new generation of prosumers (people who don’t just consume, but produce). This new cultural shift in the general audience’s interaction with mass market (and independent) content has been greatly amplified by the exponential growth of technology and endless possibilities of the internet. But the sudden and rapid expansion of the internet in recent times is also making it harder and harder for independent creators (the kind of talent that the internet breeds in abundance these days) to make their voices heard. Imagination Generation aims to make it easier for talented individuals to promote, create and share their content.

The people we want to work with is not limited to anyone, however we are aware of our audience. We’re interested in anyone who is genuine and passionate about creating and being a part of our community, most likely to be people around our generation (around 16 – 30yrs old).

We want to assist those who aren’t enabled, whether for lack of tools and equipment or simply the encouragement to start.

If you’d like to contact us about collaborating, or want to benefit from our resources and experience, send us an email: