The Slop Shack produces a popular YouTube webseries, three podcasts, collaborates with artists on music videos, works with clients on promotional material, and hosts events (like our annual film festival!)… all while building a family of local content creators!


“Our mission is to blur the lines between consumer and creator by uniting a generation of creative minds and giving them a place to express their talent and follow their dreams; to become the imagination generation.”

Creators often feel like things have to be perfect.

Here, we embrace the slop. We understand feeling slack. And we’re all about using the resources around you to make content in any way you can – no matter how sloppy looking.

Because art is meant to be messy.

As both a media company and creative collective, The Slop Shack can help you find a home for that mess, and polish it into something you can be proud of.


THE SLOP SHACK was born in improv. After Team Old Man Jenkins unexpectedly won the Youth Theatresports Grand Final in 2017, they had to tell their story. Launched in December of 2017 with The SLOP Podcast, The Slop Shack began attracting artists of all calibers, building a collection of fascinating interviews about all forms of artistry. After the launch of SLACK, the dedicated Old Man Jenkins podcast, the network expanded rapidly.

As it became clear that Brisbane was in need of a creative collective – and a grassroots platform for up-and-coming creators – The Slop Shack initiated PHASE 2: Building the IMAGINATION GENERATION.

As of 2020, The Slop Shack continues to create new shows, support dozens of collaborators, and host events. Stay tuned to the website for updates!


IMG_6777-minHarry Sweby

Supported by a background in film, Harry is working in every art form and collaborating with extraordinary artists in order to explore storytelling potential. After creating The Slop Shack in late 2017, he has been working hard to give other artists the opportunity to make the content that they’ve always wanted to.

You can find some of his work below

YouTube Channel  | Vimeo | Instagram

Find out more about Harry’s skills here.

47250056_572555659854912_2608737425916166144_n - CopyAshley Whyte

Content creator and esports enthusiast Ash “Shhlee” Whyte is all about the hustle.

Freelancing for QUT eSports, interning at Corvidae, creating content for Shhlee_TV and managing The Slop Shack has made Ashley Whyte a valuable asset and a contemporary jack-of-all-trades.

Follow him at: Website.

Jake Pelusi

jakeWhile we may be called The Slop Shack, Jake ensures our graphics are pristine. A video game journalist and creator, he’s also an artist and YouTuber with an eye on the future of interactive entertainment.

Read some of Jake’s articles: Orange & Juicy.

Fin Taylorfin taylor 2

Accomplished composer, multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and armchair philosopher, Fin infuses the shack with his trademark offbeat humour and innovative ideas. When he isn’t recording music, making YTPs or buying obscure Thunderbirds merch off of eBay, he is one of our constant collaborators.

Find out more: Fin Taylor

Joseph Hughes


Having experience in media production, modelling, journalism and music, Joey has dipped his feet into several creative honey pots over the previous years. With the Slop Shack, he aspires to bolster opportunities for those at the forefront of creative enterprise.

Follow him at: Instagram


For all enquiries please send us an email at theslopshack@gmail.com