A week ago The Slop Shack had its 2nd annual Christmas Special event! Across an entire day we recorded new episodes of all our shows with a bunch of our 2019 collaborators. Here’s a peak at the madness behind-the-scenes:

Christmas Special episodes of The SLOP Podcast, Movies Are The Future, Fin Taylor’s Vomitorium and Musician’s Play coming soon.

During the event we held a “press conference”, which included a recap of our last year and a look into what’s to come in 2020. We’ve included part of Harry Sweby’s script here to give you a quick update on what’s happening and provide a TANTALISING peak into the cool content that’s coming in the new year.


A lot of people still ask what The Slop Shack really IS. They’re confused about what its intentions are, and why we have such a weird name.

Well, the answers to our future lie in the past.

When I was 8 years old, I wanted a place to publish my weird little short stories. I figured: No one’s going to give an 8-year old a shot at being an author, so I’ll have to publish it myself. I had heaps of friends that were writing, making home movies, making music… and I wanted to give them a platform too!

10 years later, and the idea for Imagination Generation was still raging in my head. I was surrounded by SO MANY talented people that just needed a push… a platform… some motivation to really pursue these creative endeavours.

The Slop Shack happened by accident. We did a podcast about Theatresports, and then did more, and then suddenly I realised I had a platform. I figured I could use this to launch that thing I’d always wanted to make… that platform that brings creators together and helps turn their slop into gold… and so one year ago, we started Phase 2.

We moved from being a little audio only podcast network to being a fully-fledged media company that does events, short films, music videos, YouTube content and, of course, podcasts! 12 months later, and it’s been CRAZY. Making a website, moving to video, hosting a festival, meeting dozens of incredible creators… we’ve seen the potential of artistic youth, and we want to help them follow their dreams, just as we are.

The goal of the shack has always been about community. About days like this… getting these totally different creatives in one room and seeing what cool shit we can make… how we can help each other follow our dreams… and how we can push those around us that are struggling to follow their passion.

Imagination Generation

We will be releasing more stats from 2019, but in the year since we launched Phase 2 The Slop Shack’s YouTube channel has accumulated close to 7,000 views across 42 videos, with 359 total watch hours! Crazy!

2020 Plan

Now here’s the fun part where I spill the beans about what’re up to!

The first video we will release in 2020 will be a new Channel Trailer, which will kick off our new brand and aesthetic revamp for our social media and website. We’re currently working with a team of artists and designers to re-style ourselves… maintaining our sloppy roots whilst refining our identity going forward.

With our whole brand getting dressed for success, so too will our podcasts.

SLOP will be fundamentally the same, interviews with Brisbane based creators, but it’ll have a new intro, hang around the 30 minute mark and will feature more fun activities… with each guest having to undertake a challenge appropriate to their skillset or brand. Its release will be accompanied by far more micro-content and clips. We will be aiming to get more high-profile guests, but because it’s the people at the top that have the most advice to give. But SLOP has never been, and never will, be about popularity… if we think you’re cool, we want to talk to you – it’s as simple as that.

MOVIES ARE THE FUTURE is still our most successful show, thanks to Declan & Dragon’s reach and their commitment to this endeavour. We couldn’t be more thankful to have such great partners. The big announcement from the MOVIES camp is the production of weekly micro-content that that will go up on the MOVIES OF THE FUTURE IGTV channel… short reviews, clips and discussions that Declan & Dragon will lead the charge the on. We also want to start reaching out to the movie podcast community in Australia and the US… getting some new insightful guests. Oh and we’re doing movie commentaries now too – starting with DIE HARD.

THE VOMITORIUM (if anyone has a better title let us know) will continue, as we work with Fin Taylor on finding a nice combination of review, reaction and education… all with his signature deadpan comedic spin.

We’ll also be helping Fin with the launch of his new album!

AVA’S COOKING SHOW will continue in 2020 with some special guest stars. If any of you guys want to try your hand in the kitchen, let us know!

We’re going to be putting a lot of effort in VLOGS… like the one linked above… short videos that will document our journey through 2020, but also feature our favourite guests and collaborators!

This is all a part of MARGE, which is our codeword for innovative YouTube content, like getting MUSICIANS TO BATTLE EACH OTHER IN SOCCER, and it’s emblematic of what The Slop Shack is all about.

Pastelle vs Muller Made involved a podcast, a Let’s Play, sports, musicians, gaming, video production, animation… all rolled into an engaging package that showcases what happens when different creative entities get together. A podcast network, a gaming channel, a rapper and a rock band made a SOCCER video… and it was awesome!

We’re doing more of this – beginning with an epic SKYDIVING adventure in March. SUBSCRIBE to the channel to help us make this a reality.

Now I’m just going to rattle off a few announcements:

  • LIGHT UP 2020 IS CONFIRMED and will happen at Reading Cinemas Newmarket in late April. With the lessons we learnt from our super successful first festival, Light Up 2020 promises to be even bigger. If you want to enter a video – be at a music video, a Let’s Play, a cool vlog… start preparing now!
  • We’re bringing new people onto our team. That’s all we can say at the moment, but if you’re interested in helping us out – get in touch. We’re always happy to chat.
  • Joey Hughes is working on a clothing subsidiary, codenamed UNSHACKLED, that will combine schwifty new clothing with our merch line – one that will include merchandise from various collaborators! More on that later in the year.

There will be lots more to announce as we move into January, but this gives you an overview of the next 6 months or so.


Phase 3 will kick off at the beginning of 2021. That’s when all of our experimentation coalesces into a real full-time business that works with clients and actively works within the community to change the way people think about “the arts”.

We want a unique place where nothing has to be perfect. Art is supposed to be messy… that’s why we’re called The Slop Shack. We’re young, we’re figuring this shit out… and it’s better to just put stuff out there then get stuck in a cycle of “it’s not good enough”.

So why am I telling you all this? Why bring you inside the shack?

As much as this business is about us having a fun time making silly videos… which it TOTALLY is… it’s about YOU. It’s about US. It’s about bringing the Brisbane creator community together in a way that gets people EXCITED to collaborate, PUSHES people to create, MOTIVATES people to work harder.

You guys have invested in us, and we want to offer you something useful, enticing and important:

The chance to a part of something bigger than yourselves.

We have lots of ideas for how we can work together, but first, we want to gauge your interest.

Are you interested in creating opportunities for young Australians to work together? To share resources? To boost each other up?

Do you want to live in a world where youth feel like they can do anything than want? Where they can learn from others in their industry without paying for a $30,000 degree?

That’s where we want to go, and we hope that’s a place you want to be.

See you in 2020!

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