Improv Comedy Show Pilot

THE AWARD AWARDS is a studio improv show with an awards ceremony twist – one packed with improvised acceptance speeches and “clips” from movies that don’t exist – where two teams of experienced Brisbane improvisers (from well-known establishments like Big Fork Theatre and ImproMafia) compete to prove who is the wittiest.

Featuring four local commercials, this 10 minute project was produced as a part of a QUT Multi-Cam unit.


Hosted by
Harry Sweby

Directed by
Tyde Rabbitt

Harry Sweby
Ava van Zijl
Michael Embalsado

Written by
Sander Nilsen
Harry Sweby
Tyde Rabbitt

Set Design
Justin Lee

Directors Assistant
Georgia Emery

Camera Operators
Kierstyn Miller
Mason Angus
Abrielle Rounds
Henry Lee

Sound Team
Tom Blaber
Gonzo Du
Ava van Zijl

Vision Mixer
Joe McPhee

Joseph Upton

Floor Managers
Justin Lee
Michael Embalsado

Technical Director
Trevor Makap

Sander Nilsen

Jack Chen
Robert Wolski

Edited by
Robert Wolksi

Joseph Upton

Crane Supervisor / PA
Sean Walker

Adam O’Sullivan
Ben Snaith
Sandon Godwin-Welch
Beverley Harrop
Panayiota Harmantzis
Sandra Davis
Amit Mehta
Miguel Contreras

Live music by
Shane Fell

Original score by
Fin Taylor

Executive Producers
Joe Carter
Wayne Taylor
Rob Matthews

Personal Assistants
Thomas Gabriel
Grace Porter
Quinn Murphy