The Slop Podcast: Interview with Casting Director

SLOP is back with a bit of a different episode this month.

Last week we released the first episode of SLEUTH, our new investigative video series, which covered the use of Time-Shifted Characters (aka the casting of younger and older versions of a character) in film and TV. Since we were also making a short film that featured such a concept, we went looking to find a set of rules or guidelines to help us cast three people to play one person at different ages (15, 35 and 60).

So, we ended up interviewing Tom McSweeney, a brilliant Hollywood casting director and an invaluable source of information. We featured some of it in the episode, but thought you guys would enjoy the entire 30 minute interview – as Tom takes us through not just casting younger and older versions, but his career, casting tips, and some fascinating anecdotes about mermaids… We hope you enjoy!

As an Emmy Nominated casting director, educator and director with over 200 credits, some of his recent work includes: H2O: Just Add Water, Tidelands, The Family Law, and Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

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