SLEUTH Available Now!

In the first episode of SLEUTH, our new investigative video series, Detective Harry Sweby uncovers the techniques used in film & television that allow one character to be seen at multiple ages: through casting, make-up effects and digital de-aging.

Along the way, he talks to Emmy-nominated casting director Tom McSweeney, takes you behind the scenes of his time-travel short film “The Box Set”, and creates a guide for filmmakers attempting to utilise ‘Time-Shifted Characters’ in their films.

When we announced SLEUTH in our Phase 2 Launch Video, we had a rough idea of where it would take us… but after having shot it and The Box Set simultaneously, we can safely say that this was our biggest endeavour yet.

We’re hugely proud of the efforts put in by the team behind these productions, and we hope you guys enjoy the results!

The Box Set will be released at a very special event that we will be announcing in the coming days, so stay tuned for that!

The concept behind SLEUTH is that each episode will be researched and hosted by a different creator… and we’ve get a slew of interesting topics to cover when SLEUTH returns later this year.

We’d also love to hear your feedback on the first episode – so feel free to comment on YouTube or email us at:!