Hi folks. It’s been a minute, and we’ve got a few announcements, so we thought we’d put them all together in a nice update package.


In collaboration with Ink on the Couch, Joey & Harry hosted interviews with artists from The Underground (an IOTC event held on Nov 31). These interviews are now available as a part of IOTC’s series “The Sesh”. You can check them out here:


Due to technical issues and scheduling conflicts, The SLACK Podcast won’t release an episode in February. We had recorded an episode over a month ago, but due to a variety of complications we attempted to re-record it. Unfortunately, the simultaneous production of THE BOX SET and SLEUTH made this impossible. One day we will make this episode available as a fan exclusive…  our infamous “lost episode”.

SLACK will return in March with a whole new look, better microphones, and captivating guests. And don’t forget… we’ve got skydiving, Goondiwindi and D&D on the horizon.


On Saturday evening we wrapped principal photography on our time-travel comedy short, “The Box Set”, and the first episode of our new documentary series “Sleuth”.

This was a massive effort, and we wish to thank all of those involved – from the core crew, to QUT Film Club, to caterers, interviewees and pets.

SLEUTH will arrive next month on our YouTube channel, and THE BOX SET will premiere at a special occasion. More info coming soon.


In our January Re-Cap video, we announced our desire to release MOVIES ARE THE FUTURE and SLACK in segment form, releasing the video podcasts topic by topic throughout the week.

Movies Are The Future #2 became our testing ground for this strategy, one which we now realise is counter-intuitive to our podcast roots and audience. While by no means a failure (we gleened a lot of significant data from this experiment), we have decided to revert to our previous release strategy.

However, based on feedback, we will continue to release more bite-sized content and endeavour to make our podcasts as accessible as possible.


So that’s it for now! We hope you’ve had an invigorating and productive month (we certainly have) and are looking forward to seeing what The Slop Shack has to offer as it delivers a slew of new content in the coming months.

In the meantime, you might like to revisit our recent collaborations with other creators (like Ink on the Couch), which you can find here: