One month into 2019, and The Slop Shack has never been better.

4 episodes. 3 podcasts. 2 new series. One hell of an audience.

Missed an episode? Get up to date in the video below:

Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback, which we’ve implemented into our February releases:

MOVIES ARE THE FUTURE #2 will be released on YouTube segment-by-segment Monday to Friday, allowing you to get the news you need without dedicating 9% of your day. The full audio version will release on Monday the 4th (if you can’t wait).

SLACK #8 will release topic-by-topic in the same way, beginning Feb 18.

And SLOP #15 will feature an incredible artist, released as a full-length interview on Feb 25.

More news about SLEUTH and THE BOX SET will arrive shortly, so stay tuned.

SLOP, SLACK and MOVIES ARE THE FUTURE are all available on YouTube, Spotify, Podbean, iTunes and more.