“A fanatic fanboy travels back in time and recruits his younger self to fix his favourite sci-fi franchise… but only makes it worse.”

We’re creating a low-budget comedy short film – THE BOX SET – and are looking for three actors to take part in a rare opportunity: Playing multiple versions of a single character!

As 15 year old Jet McGrory interacts with a 40 year old Jet, and then a 70 year old Jet… timey-wimey comedic banter ensues.

The casting process and production are being documented as a part of our new video series SLEUTH, which also explores how Time-Shifted Characters have been brought to the screen in films like “Back to the Future”, “This Is Us”, and “Looper”.

So we’re looking for male actors with improvisational and comedic abilities who can bring this unique story to life! If you know anyone who may be interested, send them to our casting page at StarNow:


An energetic young film fanatic that looks about 15 years old.

An overweight, middle-aged man with great comedic timing.

A older version of the character between 60 & 80, who has traded snark for regret.

Email us at for more details.

Auditions will be held on Jan 29 for MIDDLE-AGED JET and Feb 1 for YOUNG & SENIOR. Video auditions accepted. Dates subject to change.