After much anticipation, MOVIES ARE THE FUTURE has finally arrived.

In the first episode, Declan Wilson, Dragon Saman and Harry Sweby travel forward in time to discuss their most anticipated releases of 2019.

Here’s an FAQ regarding the podcast:


“Movies Are The Future” is a new podcast that celebrates film as the civilisation defining medium that it is. Each month we hope to take you on a journey through all of film, both big and small; revisiting the previous month’s news stories while including what every good movie should create: Discussion, passion, and opinion.

A collaboration between Movies of the Future and The Slop Shack, MATF aims to give film its due in a show that provides a monthly round-up of news, discussions about the industry, under-the-radar recommendations, and a history of the craft.

As we continue, the podcast will continue to evolve with new guests, segments, and stories.

Who are the hosts?

Each month, MATF will feature The Slop Shack’s Harry Sweby and Movies of the Future’s Declan Wilson and Dragon Saman, and will occasionally bring on special guests.

What is The Slop Shack?

Find out here.

When is it released?

The podcast will be released on the first Monday of each month around 12pm AEST.

However, next week they’ll be talking about their favourite films of 2018 in a special episode released Monday the 14th.

Where is it available?

MATF is available in video form on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date.

The audio edition is hosted on Podbean, but is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn. Make sure to leave a review and let us know what you think!


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Thanks for checking out our new podcast. We hope to hear from you soon!