The Christmas Special – Slop #13

To celebrate the first anniversary of the podcast, and in the spirit of Christmas, we invited back all of the previous guests to talk about what they’ve been up to since they were on. Along the way you’ll discover more about our new shows, and catch up with many of your favourite creators – they’ve all done some incredible stuff in the last few months.

It’s available in video! A first for us, so let us know what you think.


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SLOP #13 features:

Harry Sweby, Ava van Zijl, Joseph Hughes, Ashley Whyte; Lillian Curthoys & Georgia EmmsDeclan Wilson & Dragon Saman from “Movies of the Future”Jay Denti, Nick Ravn & Alex Harvey of “Ink on the Couch”Jake Pelusi from “Orange & Juicy”.

Many thanks to the Pelusi family for hosting, along with our videographers Noah Taylor and Jacob Bagdonas!

Part Two is also available: a Christmas themed-episode of SLACK!

Download the audio version: