Bad Vibes – Cosmopolitan (Official Music Video)

As a part of our Phase 2 initiative, we collaborated with synthpop artist Bad Vibes on a music video.

The song, “Cosmopolitan”, is an absolute banger, and we hope these visuals enhance your experience.

Many thanks to all the good souls who helped bring this eccentric little film to life. It was a long road getting this thing made, going through multiple iterations, before we settled on something bizarre, chaotic, and dream-like.

For more from Bad Vibes, check out his Soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook.

Check out the song below:


Directed by Harry Sweby
Produced by The Slop Shack

Joey Hughes
Julian Tinggee
Alex Falconer
Jacob Bagdonas
Jack Stewart
Ava van Zijl
Harry Sweby
Bad Vibes

Special thanks to
Charlie Shields
The VZs
Datamosh Studio

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