On its one-year anniversary, The Slop Shack has evolved into a media company and creative collective – with a bigger team, two new shows, and heaps of exciting content!

Watch the video below to learn more about Phase 2.

The Major Announcements:

  • Our team has grown! No longer does Harry Sweby live alone in The Slop Shack… he’s now joined by Joey Hughes, Ava van Zijl and Ashley Whyte.
  • We’re doing a podcast with Declan Wilson and Dragon Saman from Movies of the Future. It’s all about film, it’s called “MOVIES ARE THE FUTURE“, and it releases January 2019.
  • We have a new original video series called SLEUTH. It is an investigative video essay / documentary show with each episode written / hosted by a different creator. It begins in early 2019.
  • We’re beginning a new initiative called IMAGINATION GENERATION. It’s The Slop Shack’s community of creators… a creative collective that will collaborate to make new content, provide resources, and help enable those with a dream to fulfill it. Read more here.
  • In that vain, we are collaborating with other entities to make lots of cool content – including a new music video for Bad Vibes, releasing in two days!
  • SLOP and SLACK will stay (mostly) the same, but with new guests, new adventures, and released on YouTube!
  • We have a fancy new website (as you may have guessed…)! Feel free to mosey on around and dig up all of our spelling mistakes.
  • We’ve also had a cosmetic face-lift… thanks to Jake Pelusi for his incredible new designs! Look forward to much better looking social media feeds from here on out.

Thanks to everyone who supported The Slop Shack in its first year, and here’s to many more! Make sure to follow us on our socials to catch all of the latest podcasts and videos.

Share the Phase 2 video around if you dig it, and let’s get creating!